Marshal Marble

Marshal Marble

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Iran is one of the richest countries in providing the best and various types of Golden Black Marble which is a type of stone with a black background and Golden veins and patterns. Among all them, Marshal Marble is most popular and demanded. Marshal Marble mostly has a dark or black background with white and golden spider net-like patterns on it. Generally, this unique product is divided in two sorts on which the first type has golden spider net-like patterns and the second type has White and brighter patterns.

One of the most impressive features of this Marble is the glossiness and well-polished looks which come from the high quality and noticeable chemicals of the stone! Altezza Stone Co. using the best and most up to dated machines is able to provide this beautiful product with the highest quality possible. Marshal Marble is currently being used in various residential and commercial projects in shapes of tiles and slabs due to its exquisite and flawless patterns! One of the most interesting features of this products is that it can be used in huge classic and modern projects.

Golden Portoro

Marshal Marble as a type of Golden Portoro, is a luxurious Iranian natural stone which has been produced and provided for many years by Altezza Stone Co. in shapes of slabs and tiles with the highest quality possible. It is a perfect choice for interior use. It is not recommended to use this stone for exteriors because the sun light causes the golden veins to look paler and brighter. Also, It decreases the quality of the polished looks and its glossiness.

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