Honey Onyx

Honey Onyx

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Honey Onyx is one of the most elegant and prized materials in the market today. This stone Features soft clouds in rich honey hues.

Honey Onyx Marble

Onyx natural stone is considered a translucent semiprecious stone, which enhances interior designs; luxurious and glamorous.

Honey Onyx Slab

Honey Onyx Slab is available at the altezza marble factory and ready to be shipped. The Honey Onyx Slabs are cut from Honey Onyx Blocks extracted from the quarry and processed in the factory. The quality of the honey onyx slabs are based on the quality of the blocks we cut the slabs from. Honey Onyx Slab is used for decorating walls as well as floors.Hoeny onyx is used a mixture with Blue Onyx and Blue Marsh Onyx and with marbles like Pietra Gray Marble.

Honey Onyx Tile

Honey Onyx Tiles are cut and ready to be shipped By altezza. using Honey Onyx Tiles in your projects will bring beauty to your home beyond compare.

Honey Onyx slab Price

Honey Onyx Slab Prices are unreliable comparing to the beauty of this natural stone. Because altezza has of the biggest stone factories in Iran for mass production, prices are extremely competitive. The prices may defer based on the quality and purity of the Stone. We humbly urge you to contact us if you have any inquiries for the Honey Onyx.

Caramel Onyx

Caramel Onyx is a name used for Honey Onyx and sometimes, brown onyx. Add a taste of luxury to any room with the unique flavor and warm tones of Caramel Onyx.

Cream Onyx Tile

Cream Onyx Tile is available at a wide variety of Cream Onyx slab & Cream Onyx Tiles options are available to you, Including slabs & Tiles. Honey Onyx is sometimes called the Cream Onyx.
Cream Onyx Comes Mostly from Asia. Iran and China are the top suppliers of the Material.



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Slab, Tile, Block




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