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Due to the Silver Travertine’s variable color such as white, gold, brown and silver, altezzaco Company has sorted Silver Travertine Slabs and Blocks of this quarry into two different categories. “Dark Silver Travertine” and “Light Silver Travertine”.

Silver Travertine

Bring inspiring style to your space with stunning Silver Travertine. This striking Silver Travertine combines dark greys with abundant gold tones.

Silver Travertine Slab

Silver travertine is a chic color from the travertine family, which is a form of limestone deposited by mineral springs. This silver colored natural stone has a porous structure and is often used in construction as a building material for houses, offices, hospitals, temples, shrines, swimming pools, and bath complexes. It is mostly used indoors i.e. wall coverings, countertops, backsplashes, floorings, but can also be used outdoors due to the stone’s great quality to endure harsh weather conditions. It can be found in many forms i.e. tile, paver, slab, and mosaic. One of the best combinations for your project can be the use of Ocean Silver Travertine and Brown Travertine alongside each other.

Iran Silver Travertine

Persian Travertine collection adds instant sophistication and understated elegance. There are several Silver Travertine quarries in Iran. This Silver Travertine has beautiful grey wavy veins that are why most of the architects prefer to have this Silver Travertine in Vein-Cut. There are some other Silver Travertine types from Iran, which are better for cross-cut production. The specific quantity of Silver Travertine Slabs always available for sale in altezzaco factory.

Silver Travertine Block

Silver travertine has variation even in pattern depending on the type of cut used on the stone. This Silver Travertine quarry is located in Kashan where is 200 KM far from Tehran International airport and easy to access. We invite our customers to visit the silver travertine quarry and select the desired blocks according to their favorite color.

Polished Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine is highly resistant in terms of material and color and due to its variable color between white to silver, has a certain harmony with the natural environment. Polishing is the high demanded finishing for Silver Travertine. Polished Silver Travertine is available in altezzaco’s Showroom in different sizes of tiles and slabs.

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