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The most popular color of Travertine is light beige travertine. Proudly Iran is one of the most important sources of beige travertine. Turkey and some other countries have cream Travertine and beige travertine but Iran has the best quality and premium grade of Beige Travertine.

Beige Travertine Slab

According to the beautiful and special vein of this Beige Travertine, We usually cut the beige travertine blocks in Vein-Cut. Due to the organized and parallel vein with perfect space and pure color without any crossing colorful vein, this type of stone is super grade and demanding. The specific amount of polished Light Beige Travertine Slabs with 20mm and 30mm thickness is available in Stock regularly. Most architects prefer to use the Beige Travertine with Grey Travertine or Dark Red Travertine.

Beige Travertine Block

In Iran, there are many stone quarries like Beige Travertine, Cream Travertine, and Chocolate Travertine. altezzaco Company, based on many years’ experience, selects best travertine blocks from all the best quarries and stores them in its stone warehouse.

Beige Travertine Stone

We are regarded as renowned suppliers and traders of a huge gamut of Travertine Stones such as Beige Travertine Stone. Our vendors process these by using the latest technologies from the finest grades of stones. These are having a beige color background and natural patterns. They are offered at reasonable prices and are commonly used in interiors as well as exteriors for the purpose of decoration as well as protection.

Light Travertine

Light Travertine encompasses a range of classic travertine colors, from the very light Alabaster White through to light creamy ivory.  On the lighter scale of tonal values, Light travertine still enjoys the inherent variations synonymous to Travertine.  Travertine has been used in homes and buildings for century’s, in the early days, the Romans used it is their upper-class villas and on mammoth constructions. Light Travertine can also come in a Vein Cut option; this style of Travertine will display the sedimentary layers in the stone creating a linear characteristic.  Vein cut travertine can make an exceptional feature wall or create a stunning visual draw into your house entry. Travertine is frequently used in Queensland around our Pools, with excellent suitability for our states characteristic laid-back attitude. The Travertine with either the soft light alabaster coloring to the warmer creamy ivory, this stone will be the perfect addition to your backyard entertaining area. Come visit our travertine showroom in Tehran to explore this product further and many more options.

Light Travertine Tiles

Encompassing Beige Travertine remains a gentle yet sophisticated purchase. Honed for use in bathrooms, floors, walls, slabs, and tiles, this natural stone also serves to add a strong sense of texture thanks to its fibrous appearance.
Beige Tumbled Travertine Tile
If you are looking to add a classical style to your home, our Beige Travertine Tile is the right choice for you.

Cappuccino Travertine Tile & Slab

As the professional manufacturer and exporter of natural stones for over 14 years, altezzaco always providing great-quality Travertine Slabs and good customer service. We have our own stone factory and QC Team for inspecting and ensuring every Slab of our Natural Stone. The regular production for Cappuccino Travertine Slab is 2cm thickness, Filled and Polished. The Combination of the Cappuccino Travertine and Ocean Silver Travertine Is remarkable and elegant.

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Light Beige


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